• A Better Way To Manage: Our unique-ownership management system tends to grant project specific freedoms, ultimately resulting in better service with faster resolution. By design our project managers are empowered to; act on time sensitive issues, make decisions with regard to design and installation, and implement change for the betterment of the project.

  • Internal Communication: Here at Choice Electric we realize the importance of information transference within the company and we encourage our "open-door" policy. In addition to periodic shop meetings and daily telephone check-in, we use Field-Ease dispatch and equip all our service vehicles with computers. All of which helps our electricians enjoy open communication with management and with one another. By this effort we are able to efficiently schedule man-power to accommodate individual project needs and deadlines.

  • Skill and Diversity: When 100+ years of combined experience is coupled with a highly communicative management technique, client expectations are exceeded. Whether it's a logistical problem with an automated control system, or simply an "old school" wiring method used in the 50's, we have the resources to resolve the issue at hand.