Tenant Improvement/Remodel: Everything from a simple furniture reconfiguration to a multi-floor tenant-finish. Our experienced team of electricians will get the job done in a timely professional manner.

Design-Build: We take pride in working closely with general contractor and project architect to ensure that we provide the highest value to the owner. Our innovative design and engineering team implements the latest cost and time saving techniques while maintaining equipment durability and energy efficiency.

 Fire Detection System: As times change and life-safety systems get more and more involved, Choice Electric remains one step ahead. We are dedicated to staying current with local and state-wide code implementation. Our electricians are skilled in all facets of fire detection and controls. As a result, we are able to offer our clientele the "complete" package, all from under one roof.

Automation: With rising utility prices and respective environmental concerns, system automation has become a necessity for many businesses. In fact, most facilities incorporate energy management systems in one form or another. Whether it be a time sensitive lighting/controls scheme, or a temperature/humidity sensitive snow-melt  system, Choice Electric can accommodate your needs.

 Critical-Path Energy Source: The information super-highway is here, and those companies involved cannot tolerate even the smallest power failure. Many of these companies are required to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories in order to conduct business. Choice Electric takes no exception here, multi-generator backed dual-UPS systems are well within our expertise. We've been involved in the design, installation, and maintenance of critical-path systems for years.